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  • Matthew St. Cyr

It's the ALL NEW Midnight Cinephile!

Ok. Well, things just weren't working out on the ol' Blogger platform. And while I had a ton of nostalgia for Blogger (it's where I started MC, after all), it was time to finally just cut the cord. I will leave the original blog up under it's Wizard of Vestron title for you guys to look at any legacy content you want, but other than that, I believe it's going to go back into the murky depths. I may revisit old reviews....publish the old and see if I still agree with my original assessment and give a fresh perspective as well. Should be interesting!

There's lots of new stuff in the works here at Midnight Cinephile so stay tuned!


Your Midnight Cinephile


I'm just a guy who likes weird flicks.  LONG LIVE ANALOG FILM!

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